During a free 20 minute consultation, we will briefly discuss your concerns and find out if we could be a good fit. In your first appointment, we will spend a significant amount of time on the intake interview, gathering background information and context, and will have an initial conversation about what’s going on for you. Subsequent sessions are scheduled as needed or recommended. My aim is to have you leave each appointment with a concrete idea of an action plan or next step you can take.

Appointments are 50 minutes for individuals and 80 minutes for couples or other relationships (dyad, adult family, poly partners, etc). Sometimes there will be ‘homework’, but we will develop those activities or ideas together, in ways that fit with your life schedule and commitments. Sliding scale payment is available.

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The number of sessions varies from person to person, and from issue to issue. Together we can discuss your needs and expectations and identify a plan that fits with your schedule and your budget. Typically, clients will attend for at least 5-10 sessions, though many people feel it is helpful to work with a therapist for a longer period of time.

Sessions take place in person or via online video chat upon request. In person appointments are available Thursday evenings and Saturdays; online appointments are available most evenings.

Online video chat: There might be factors in your life that make meeting in person difficult or impossible. Persons with mobility challenges, anxiety or other issues may find it more convenient, safer or more comfortable to connect via video chat. Please contact me to learn more about this option and whether it would suit your needs.

If your concerns are outside my experience, training or ability, I will work with you to find an appropriate community resource or a different counsellor.